In November 2021 the Department published the findings of the Independent Fan Led Review chaired by MP Tracy Crouch, former Minister for Sport at the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). The government recently announced that it will be implementing all the main findings of the report including the proposal to have an Independent Regulator for football. This is probably the biggest change in the way in which football hs been governed since the formation of the Football Association in 1863. 

How will the changes affect you as a fan? Make sure you keep up to speed with the reform proposals. Some say that the proposals will endanger the success of the game worldwide and that football should not be controlled by politicians. Others that  the reforms will make football more inclusive and provide proper regulation to ensure the healthy future of the game and give a voice and influence to fans and commuities, recognising football clubs as community assets. Keep informed - where do you stand? -  tune in to a debate by ckicking here at the Institute for Economic Affairs between those against regulation (like Simon Jordan, and those in favour, like MP Damian Collins. Follow this on Twitter at @football4C (football4Community) where you can voice your opinion and join a poll on the pros and cons.