Ever heard about the Nuclear Football? And what has football got to do with nuclear weapons and weapons testing? Find out more about the alarming case of former US President Donald Trump carrying the Nuclear Football the fascinating and inspiring work for nuclear disarmament by University of Bradford researcher and pacifist academic Dr Becky Alexis-Martin.

As revealed by The Guardian (22nd August 2016), every American President carries with them a so-called Nuclear Football whenever the President leaves the White House. It is the nickname for a large leather, aluminium-framed briefcase. 

Out of the nine countries that have nuclear weapons, the U.S., Russia and Pakistan are the only three that have aides following their political leaders with nuclear briefcases. Find out more about the worrying case of former US Trump carrying the Nuclear Football at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Juh_H5i888.

 Contrast this with the nuclear disarmament research of Becky Alexis-Martin. In 2018, while working with the people of Kiritimati (Christmas Island) in the Pacific Ocean, where British nuclear tests were conducted in the 1950s – and realising the passion of the people in Kiritimati for the world game, Becky approached Arsenal Football Club, and told them about her advocacy work there. Becky said “The children of Kiritimati don't have much - but we know that children love football! In 2018, we approached Arsenal, and they very generously gave us shirts and football kit for the children for our trip to Kiritimati. We put the football kits in our suitcases and commenced the long trip half-way across the world to this tiny Pacific island, under threat from the historical impacts of nuclear weapons testing and the future consequences of climate change. We gave the children their shirts and arranged a local football match for them.”

Becky campaigns on behalf of the people of Kiritimati, and this small republic, a former British colony, is set to become the first nation state to complete and submit their materials to request reparations under Article 6 and 7 of the United Nations Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which requires that humanitarian aid, reparations and environmental support should be given to affected communities worldwide. 

Read the full story here Bradford academic joins fight for Pacific Islanders - 2023 - News - University of Bradford And the account of her work in The Conversation (The atomic history of Kiritimati – a tiny island where humanity realised its most lethal potential) here https://theconversation.com/the-atomic-history-of-kiritimati-a-tiny-island-where-humanity-realised-its-most-lethal-potential-114870.

                                                        Arsenal supports Becky's work In Kiritimata